At PennyTalk we take pride in making international calling affordable. We want you to feel comfortable calling anyone, anywhere for any reason.

We've tried to make it easy to understand our rates. If you have questions, here are the most common.

How often do PennyTalk rates change?

PennyTalk rates rarely go up. More often we lower rates as our costs go down. If our costs to complete calls to a specific destination go up, we may have to raise calling rates to that destination. Per minute rates advertised in print and on television are guaranteed for at least three months from the date the advertisement appears.

Are there additional charges?

You'll pay the low per minute rate to your calling destination plus 35p when each call connects. (PennyTalk Mobile apps have no connection fee on calls.) There is also a 79p monthly service fee that is charged on each monthly anniversary of activation. Calls from payphones incur a 15p payphone recovery fee.

PennyTalk does not charge any fees when you add funds to your account.

Calls made from mobile phones may use domestic minutes depending upon your mobile plan. Please consult your mobile service provider for any charges you may incur.

If just one rate is listed, does that rate apply to the whole country?

Yes, the rate applies to all phones in that country whether landline or mobile. For example, it's just 1p a minute to call anywhere and any phone in Canada and it's just 1p a minute to call any phone in China.

Are rates higher if I call TO a mobile phone?

Depending on where you call, the rate to mobile phones may be higher. This is due to the higher costs we must pay the international mobile carrier to connect the call.

When you look up the country that you want to call, if no mobile rate is listed, the country rate is the rate you will pay for calls to mobile phones, too. If a mobile rate is listed, that is the rate you will pay to call TO mobile phones in that country.

For example, all calls to China are 1p a minute no matter whether you call a landline or mobile phone. On the other hand, calls to Australian mobile phones are 8.9p a minute whereas calls to landlines in Australia are just 1p a minute.


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